Coca-Cola schimbă designul ambalajelor (al dozelor și al sticlelor)

Și să zicem că cei de la Coca-Cola sunt pe drumul cel bun (acel ocru de pe doza fără cafeină – ultima din dreapta – trebuie schimbat).

The Coca-Cola Company a ales Spania pentru a testa noile ambalaje. Dacă vor veni reacții pozitive din partea publicului, atunci designul va fi lansat worldwide până la vară :

Via Packaging of The World, Coca-Cola Spania răspunde la următoarele întrebări (comunicat de presă):

    • Will they change the packaging? The most visible change in this new strategy is that the packaging design will be unified. All cans and bottles have the same style , based on the iconic original brand of Coca-Cola.
    • Will they change the drinks? No, your favorite Coca-Cola will not change, the goods remain the same in both ingredients and taste . What changes is the packaging and communication, unifying the brand and its values.Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and its variants without caffeine will remain the same, but all under the original brand of Coca-Cola.
    • Does it change the advertising? Yes, with the new strategy of “single brand” communication will also unify the various products: if before different kind of advertising and merchandising of the three sub-brands, now see the Coca-Cola brand supporting all variants.
    • Is it only in Spain? Coca-Cola has chosen Spain to present this new global strategy, so we’ll be the first to know about new designs variants of Coca-Cola and the common identity of the brand, which you will soon discover on the ads and, of course, also in supermarkets and regular stores. Later, this new strategy will be extended to the rest of the world.

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