Star Wars VII : Când apare următorul trailer

Când apare „Avengers : Age of Ultron” , între 1 și 4 mai 2015 (da, May the 4th – Star Wars Day). Sau mai devreme :

iTunes is referring to this trailer as the “First Teaser.” It doesn’t say that on the actual trailer page, though. It only says it on the iTunes home page, as of Sunday November 30. That seems like very selective wording, but it’s possible it was not approved by Lucasfilm[…]Well, it’s December. There’s a big Disney movie coming out in three weeks called Into The Woods, but you’d think they’d still be running this trailer at that point. Two months later, though, is the Super Bowl. Disney and that huge event have a long history. So I imagine there’s a chance Disney could purchase a commercial spot during that broadcast. Then, there’s Cinderella in March.” (via)

Ceva pronosticuri?

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