O reclamă frumoasă pentru BMW M4 Coupé


Pe scurt : se ia un portavion, se modifică pista de aterizare într-un circuit auto. Băieții de pe Youtube (și cei de la jalopnik) sunt de părere că acest clip este fals :

„It’s difficult to tell how and where this was actually filmed, but in a brief clip, the car tears past the carrier’s “island” (the tower above the flight deck) and we see ’74’ painted in white and framed by lights. CVN-74 is the USS John C. Stennis. I highly suspect they didn’t really use the Stennis as it’s still a working US aircraft carrier.[…]Real aircraft carriers don’t have a rounded end on the flight deck either, though those three drifting turns in the video made me hold my breath.” (Jalopnik).

Mă rog – cu sau fără CGI, reclama este frumoasă.

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